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Because of the new european GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) law we have to get your permission to store a minimum of data required for a comfortable usage of our service.

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Data protection and privacy consent

Which data we collect and why we do it.

This data will be stored for an undefined amount of time.

Use of cookies

We use session cookies to identify you and keep you logged in. Within the session cookie we store your login and email adress.


We store data about you in order to find the cause and fix bugs and trace malicious activities. We store:

Which rights you have related to your data

If you wish so, you cna get your data deleted at any time. Just write us an email. You can also ask us to send you the data that we stored about you. It is not possible to request the deletion of your data in the log files as they are anonymized.

Your data and mirror servers

Like all CDN services, our network is built on mirroring. That means all the files you upload will be (after approval) distributed through our network of servers which are not owned by us. You will receive your own user directory named by your Maniaplanet login. Your email adress remains private in the database of the master server, which is the one you are uploading your files to in the first place. A list of mirrors and their owners can be found on the about page: about.maniacdn.net.

Contact information

You find the contact information on about.maniacdn.net.

Further information

We don't make any profit with this service, rather loss. We are an association of server owners to provide spare resources to content creators. This helps to protect the environment by decreasing electricity usage.