Welcome to the ManiaCDN Uploader

This is where you can upload your own content to our network, but also explore what others have uploaded before. The usage of this service is completely free of charge. We are financed by donations and not earning any money with this service. Please respect this whenever we take a bit too long to approve content.

Please read!

We've seen many users uploading files that are subject to copyright. We will not accept copyrighted files. If you upload them anyway, we'll delete them.
Also, please confirm that the email address on the top is correct as it is our preferred way to contact you. If you want to change it, please do so on your maniaplanet profile as that is where we've got your email from.


What is not allowed

General information


Special section because it has led to so much confusion.

What do you consider copyrighted?

Anything that is not created by yourself, especially if it is being sold commercially, is most likely subject to copyrights or licenses.
The only thing that we can tell you for sure is that you can upload your own creations without any problem.

Why don't you accept copyrighted files?

The main reason is that we don't only control which files are stored on our servers, but also what is being stored on the servers of our generous contributors (listed on our about page). Their kindness to provide us with server resources is sufficient. We don't need to give them the risk of a lawsuit due to copyright on top.

You deleted my files but they are not subject to any copyright.

Mistakes happen. Please send us an email and explain why there is no problem with the file. The more details you give us, the easier and faster we can resolve the problem. As we aren't experts in law, we will rather not accept a file than taking a risk.